Oriental Smartweed

Persicaria longiseta


Other Names:
Oriental Lady's Thumb, Bristly Lady's Thumb, Asiatic Smartweed, Long-bristled Smartweed, Creeping Smartweed, Asiatic Waterpepper, Bristled Knotweed, Bunchy Knotweed, Tufted Knotweed

Oriental Smartweed is a non-native invasive plant found in most of Virginia. It is native to Asia, and its first appearance in North America was probably around Philadelphia near the beginning of the 20th century. It was spread by the railroads, and Virginia is now one of the states that is most affected. It can grow in virtually any type of light conditions or habitat.

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North America Virginia

Oriental Smartweed
Patch of Oriental Smartweed in bloom

Oriental Smartweed
Oriental Smartweed with flower spike

Oriental Smartweed
Oriental Smartweed leaves

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